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Mandoos Chiller Room Maintenance and Repair

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Mandoos Chiller Room Repair and Maintenance Abu Dhabi

Repair Services for Mandoos Chiller specialists can analyze a chiller's efficiency levels and recognize any necessary repairs using customized maintenance programs designed with the client in mind.

Mandoos chiller room repair and maintenance Abu Dhabi has also ended up working on chillers designed by a number of manufacturers, including Transmission chillers, Dunham Bush chillers, McQuay relax chillers, Trannie chillers, and York chillers.

Mandoos is a highly specialized producer and installer of FireSafe cold stores that use ozone-friendly technologies. Mandoos is the only company in the UAE which is capable of meeting international standards and operating globally because it pioneered the use of "green alternatives" in the manufacture of FireSafe Cold Store Panels and refrigeration equipment.

Whether it is the structure of an industrial cold warehouse with an ammonia system, a commercial cold store with rack technology, or a medium-sized cold store with a CDU system, our professionals can provide you with the most efficient approaches that are designed, manufactured, and installed to the highest international standards.

Cold Room Maintenance and Repair

Mandoos repair facilities are properly stocked to continue providing repair and long-term chiller room maintenance services in Abu Dhabi for leading plant suppliers' refrigeration plants. We can supply and commission turnkey refrigeration plants with OEM representatives from leading manufacturers at the most competitive prices and in the shortest lead time


We can assist existing production owners with cooling plant component replacement as well as components of the software to improve plant performance. We are eager to introduce innovative refrigeration concepts for worker comfort and safety in refrigeration plants.

Our company can offer specialized services in the supply and construction of safety-management systems for cooling systems, as well as in the safety of operating personnel. We strive to provide our clients with long-term solutions that are cost-effective and minimize shutdown in their downstream processes.

A Large Variety of Cold Room Applications

The slip relation tightly joins the panels for structural stability. The Slip joint is a one-of-a-kind interlocking soft palate and syncopation joint technology that has gained widespread acceptance around the world and provides unparalleled sealing and waterproofing.

It is a well-organized sandwich structure system that achieves superior stiffness and insulation by using a male-female action on the latitudinal joint. Panels slide into place, allowing for simple and quick installation while improving mechanical rigidity and thermal efficiency and providing a clean, smooth aesthetic appearance. If you need Chiller Room Repair and Maintenance Abu Dhabi just call us now.

The industrial cooling system using glycol ammonia

Screw or piston compressors are available for industrial refrigeration equipment. These cutting-edge compressors are capable of handling ammonia, R404, R507, and CO2. Glycol and liquor are used as intermediate fluids.

All equipment is controlled by a PLC, and computerized supervision is provided for cost-effective deployment and management. The refrigeration styling team ensures low - power consumption and smooth operation through proper maintenance. If there is a problem, we will repair your cold room. We are reachable by phone.

Huge amounts of cold are required for low-cost terminal treatment in the ice cream, milk, and yoghurt industries. For these industries, Mandoos offers chillers that use ammonia and ecological vapors, as well as high-yield machinery for generating cold water and "ice banks" with carbon steel tanks.

Cold Storage Types

Every food product has its own cold storage method. Correct food storage areas should be managed to be installed based on the characteristics of the product to be stored so that it remains as fresh as the first day, can be stored for long periods of time, and has the least amount of product loss and energy consumption.

Correct storage is essential for keeping products as fresh as the first day, storing them for extended periods of time, and reducing product loss and energy consumption. Al Mandoos teaches the best food storage techniques all over the world and creates pieces on the subject. The company creates projects based on consumer aspirations, cold storage locations, and product characteristics.

Rack cooling for commercial use

For simple, safe, and dependable management, the rack system is designed to control the given in-section, temperatures, priorities, and alarms. Refrigeration racks are specially designed assemblies that contain multiple parallel-piped air compressors. They are designed, engineered, and built to meet your specific refrigeration needs.

Al Mandoos chiller room repair and maintenance in Abu Dhabi have extensive experience in repairing and contracting for numerous projects in cold storage warehousing of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, medicine, chemicals, and other industries.

Chicken processing, seafood collection, butcheries, and slaughterhouses all necessitate highly efficient and safe installations that are free of defrosting issues. Mandoos offers equipment that preserves the best organoleptic qualities of meat, poultry, and seafood. If your cooling system is causing you problems, we will repair it within a few hours.

Cold rooms are widely categorized as walk-in chillers or warehouse cold rooms based on their size and use. Polar bears construct cold rooms with temperatures ranging from 15°C to –40°C. Walk-in cold rooms are smaller than large warehouse cold stores and are primarily used by the retail industry to store goods with a high shelf replenishment rate.

Because the rooms are small, the insulated floors are only strong enough to support hand carts and are not appropriate for heavy machinery such as forklifts. Walk-in cold rooms can be found in supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants, among other places.

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