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Mandos company profile

Mandos is a professional and registered home appliances technician service located in Mussafah Abu Dhabi. Provides all kinds of washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and other home appliances repair service with guarantee.

Established in 2019 helping locals and expatriate families to get rid of faulty appliances at a very affordable price. All our price list is based on proper diagnosis and according to the fault nature.

We have professional appliance technicians diploma holders who can diagnose and fix in a short period of time. We do visits to customer places and repair in workshops as well.

You can hire Mandos if you have the following problems

If your appliance does not run properly or is stuck. Or if totally damaged just call our support and our team member will come to your place at a fixed time.

Our technician will try to repair your appliance in your house but if not possible there and need some tools which are not possible in your house. Then we’ll take your appliance to the workshop and they will fix it and then deliver it to your kitchen.

There are no hidden charges. Our supervisor will give you a fixed price according to the fault in your appliance.

Why hire Mandos?

Mandos is a very time responsive company and we provide guaranteed service. Our price is very cheap as compared to other technicians.

All our technicians are well-trained and experts so you don’t worry about your appliance once you hire our team. If there is anything which needs to be replaced in your appliance our team will inform you to change it on time because it could damage your whole appliance later.

We have 15 technicians who can handle many repair clients within an hour. All you need just to contact us and inform us about your appliance fault.

Frequently asked questions by customers

These questions are asked by our customers most frequently and this is good to know before contacting us if you are calling to get some information or guidance.

How much does appliance repair cost in Abu Dhabi?

This is a very common question which is asked by each client on a phone call. But there are many factors which we issue a price list to the customer. We must inspect the appliance before giving a total price according to fault.

If you want to know just about technical charges which could be from 50-200 AED based on time needed. If there are some parts to be replaced then the total cost will be calculated after total work is finished.

Do you visit customer places to repair appliances?

Yes we do visit all over Abu Dhabi and we can repair the appliance in customer place if the fault is not much deeper. But make sure to send correct information like direction map and villa, house or apartment number.

Do you charge extra for customer place visits?

No, if you agree to repair your appliance via our technician then you don’t have to pay extra charges for transportation. But if you just need us for the inspection of your appliance then we charge only transportation which is based on distance from our area.

How long does it take to repair a washing machine, refrigerator or any other appliance?

For the exact time that our technician will take to diagnose and repair your appliance we can’t say. Because sometimes some appliances take longer because of the fault finding and repairing issues and this mostly happens when your appliance is much older.

Our recommendation is to free our technician to take their time. Because it’s very good for customers to get the best quality of service.

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